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Oh, simulation of shoes can't do it like that, this is a technical-Oh, 51% gum consists of three main components, namely: steel strap shoes (Steel Shoe LaceTM), BOA lacing spools and lengthen the strap guide slot. BOA lacing system has the following characteristics: 1 no pressure points. Lengthen the strap guide slot due to unique and sophisticated closed, eliminates pressure points. 2, adjust the tightness. The wearer can fine-tune the tension every time is immediately transferred to the best fits. Using ordinary shoe laces cannot perform this type of adjustment in use. 3, close and reliable, it can't slip. If used during their stretch shoes throughout the day, you can quickly rotate the knob halfway and pull it tight. 4, putting on his shoes and take off quickly and easily. Could be loose and comfortable shoes, walk around Eli, and then immediately tightened to provide the best support during the campaign. Whether it's Nike sneakers adidas sneakers, they
Lacing system with common features, detailed knowledge of these shoes, sports field and I learned a lot, like, come on. Sports field-onlin adidas zx 750 uk e shopping mall/2010-10-15 if you like skateboarding, vans that you (Vance) the brand must not be strange, Vance (vans) skate shoes skateboarding's reputation with sports figures in the world like Nike trainers, adidas trainers in loud, Vance (vans) shoe don't know friends, check out the following ones. Vance (vans) shoes of those things: 1, 1976, had not met
In ordinary sports and leisure shoes Vans (vans) boldly introduced a variety of dedicated sports shoes designed specifically for skateboarding. 2, initially, these sneakers are not people's attention, but as the film was released and has become popular throughout Southern California. 3, while the protagonist in the film, shaped by the famous sport player Jeff Spicoli's classic image quickly pushed Vans spree throughout the United States. As long as. adidas zx 8000 uk   there are places for young people, will flashing the Vans on the scene. 4, at the same time, specially designed Vans skate trainers not only has the colors eye-catching look, sole design also differs from the past. "4, the new balls
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